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Duo Duo

by Operator Music Band

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Slim Spin 03:21
Radiate My perfection Generate A reaction Forgiveness As foundation Nothing less In Moderation Sinking in patterns of momentous momentum Escalate As an action For defense A reaction Ignorance Complication In excess As motivation Sinking in patterns of momentous momentum
Mondo 03:21
Who’s your passion for? Is it me? Is it misery? A fleeting opportunity of desire Who’s your passion for? It’s obscene, it’s a mystery Prepare to walk it off single file I’ve got a feeling deeply rooted That this won’t last for long It’s funny how those choices come about It’s a function of the policy Devoid of opportunity It’s an empire built on self-doubt Who’s your power for? Where’s the context? What’s the reference? It’s more a mental strain than anything else Who’s your power for? On the plus side, there’s a difference Of the ones who have the greater sense of self Is it focused? Is it radical? Step back from time to time To critique your perspective on the subject ‘I’m the operator with my pocket calculator’ It’s all a state of mind last I checked M-O-N-D-O
Nul 03:38
Every move a distraction Be stuck to some sacred vision It’s the best of intentions Just the motive that’s never mentioned Is it a call; a medium unknown to us? We’re working on a bigger concept Community euphoria is in excess Not preferable, it’s always strange Embrace the line, the one that keeps you in your place The setting for a bitter conflict Forever is never an active concept My mind is resistant to change Some parts I’ve forgotten The coma of years recounted Kept in play through a tether Innocence lost but love remembered Time flex like a ribbon Through a cycle of reinvention I was born none too tender A century later than intended The direction we take, For the moment I have chosen this place, Understandable vague, It’s becoming too redundant to say To be realizing now, Disconnected from the motion and noise We are infinite so Reality is a matter of choice
One win, onto the next We’re running, running One down, onto the next They’re running, running Ha, my head My head sounds like Ha How can How can I tell When it’s physical? Or when it’s turning psychological- Here? Or when it’s turning Don’t think that it’s practical Natural Don’t think Don’t think it’s an accident Accident Don’t think Is this what you want? Running, running Between off and on? Am I, am I Ha, safer? Safer, am I- Don’t think that it’s practical But it’s not automatic It’s concise but ecstatic So I’ll do what I do And do what I do I see that blinking light That focus point That revelation My mind is blanketed In sagas and those false impressions To overcome that choice Shows no remorse and no discretions
Income No outcome Outcome No income
Fiji 03:53
Truth was missing Old work body of sand And once again that was back in the past He was in need of some context Process reduction For underneath the words I said Lay a foundation distrusted So, I went digging deep And slowly decoded the mode of Communication enfolded Upon a retread of a Reactive Attraction Attack of a combination of tropes Without a hint of any retro inspection Now listen, man An author is bloody We turn our faces from the horror of theory It’s not the same If something persists It’s gonna mean that an intention exists And then it goes like What is Decided Whatever We wanted The predilection to remain uninvited This is our only desire I want to be left alone To despair To make my way To fall
Trippple 03:27
Through all the silence You’re just like one of us Inter-relating tensely Only through waiting now I’ve Got all the tools to feel well Take them from my barrier Can’t you identify? I can identify My behavior is disconnected The severance marks me selfish Keep my brain fall as consequence The severances renders me unusual Ripping the pieces as a part of distraction You are just like one of us Only through waiting Can you define “I”? Can I? Ripping the pieces of As a part of a As a distraction
Rex 03:11
End of discussion The parts realign As remembered As formally defined And no, it isn’t quite the same It will never be the same But your angry and stupid and morally grey Now more than ever Do we seem inclined To be modest To chase notice In the event that I Can’t live up to the ideals I prescribe Know that I’m angry and nervous and emotionally drained
The Gift 04:24
Line them up I will douse unbelievers I’m not a believer I will douse believers no more Line them up I will douse unbelievers I will line them up I will douse unbelievers no more
Juice 05:12
A lethargy The feelings derived from its potency I recognize I cannot describe what is killing me Imagining That it is of no consequence at all In misery A chance to transcend your reality Extraneous While others may think they are critical I’m lost for words But my fingers are moving beyond my teeth Doesn’t feel right to let the others through While I stand by Save our souls with no regrets No rejects One by one


At one point during the bizarre music video for Operator Music Band’s 2016 single, “Bebop Radiohaus,” singer/guitarist Jared Hiller looks straight into the camera and asks, blankly, “is it unseen? Is it something real?” It’s not exactly clear what Hiller is questioning the existence of, but he seems to have settled on an answer on Duo Duo, the Brooklyn quartet’s sophomore album out 9/20 via Broken Circles.

There’s a song on the record called “Nul,” a Priests by way of Deerhoof post-punk boogie, in which Hiller and his synth-wizard co-vocalist Dara Hirsch trade philosophical musings about the concept of time. “We are infinite so / reality is a matter of choice” is how Hiller chooses to wrap it up, a solution that may relieve his existential anxiety, but only poses more questions in the process. Lyrically, the band have an insatiable curiosity for the unknown, an itch to explore the ways humans communicate with each other and the world around us—to understand our societal limits in order to expand them. And Duo Duo fosters that sense of wonder through its hypnotizing breed of forward-thinking krautrock.

Hirsch’s radiant voice glides, and her colorful Moog melodies dance, atop the rubbery grooves of “Practical Action” and “Income/Outcome,” respectively. The blub-blub-blub bass of “Trippple” bubbles to the surface, where a clacking percussive strike skids across the rhythm and Hirsch delivers a quirkier version of her already-peculiar intonation. “Slim Spin” opens the record with a gush of iridescent synths before collapsing back into a taut, minimalist bassline. Highly meticulous and unconventionally structured swells like that are Operator Music Band’s wheelhouse, as they close the record with a one-two of the mesmerizingly driving (“The Gift”) and the surreally funky (“Juice”), each of which showcase their climactic proclivities.

The name Duo Duo suggests a pair is present. It could be referencing Hirsch and Hiller’s striking chemistry. Or the way those two sound so locked into the rhythm section that they can write parts that drift in and out of sync—like a scrimmage match between members of the same team. Or maybe it’s a commentary on our own infinities, and the choice that is inherent to every quandary we’re faced with. Whatever the real reference may be, Operator Music Band make music for both moments of intense theorization and mindlessly euphoric dance seshes.


released September 20, 2019

The music band is
Dara Hirsch
Jared Hiller
Gabe Pittleman
Alejandro Salazar Dyer

All Song by Operator Music Band

Produced by Henry Terepka
Additional Production by Jonathan Schenke

Mixed and Engineered by Jonathan Schenke at Studio Windows
(Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY)

Mastered by Alex Previty

Rhythm section recorded by Jonathan Schenke at Studio Windows
All other tracks recorded by Lorenzo Wolff at Restoration Sound (Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY)

String arrangement for “Rex” by Carlos Hernandez
Additional Arrangement by Dara Hirsch & Lorenzo Wolff

Cover Sculpture by Christopher Duffy
Cover Photography by Marcus Paul McDonald


all rights reserved



Operator Music Band Brooklyn, New York

Remaining versatile and endlessly creative for nearly a decade, Operator Music Band has created a unique catalogue of releases that spans several genres: from creamy lounge and angular post punk, and ethereal minimalist soundscapes.

Now, they've evolved into a live techno trio, transforming any space into a dancefloor.
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